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5 Amazing health benefits of Chinese Foods

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5 Amazing health benefits of Chinese Foods

One of the significant benefits of Chinese food is that it can double down as medicine. Traditionally Chinese food is made with the freshest ingredients with minimal use of oil. Most of the Chinese foods are either boiled or steamed which helps to preserve the nutrients in the food.

Here are 5 amazing health benefits of Chinese Foods.

5 Amazing health benefits of Chinese Foods | Gold Coast | Exotic Wok & Grill | Chinese Food 

Perfectly Balanced

In traditional Chinese food, the vegetables are always presented in the centre dish. The meals are not overwhelmed by unnecessary amounts of meat, unlike western meals. This provides a great balance between the right amount carbs and greens that help to create perfect healthy food.

Steamed and Boiled delicacies

One very distinctive feature about Chinese food is that most of the dishes are steamed or boiled. Dumplings and soups are two excellent example of healthy Chinese food cooked by either steaming or boiling. Not only do they taste good, but remain incredibly healthy as no oil is used in the cooking process.

The Principles of Yin and Yang

Principles Yin and Yang profoundly influence Chinese food around the world. Yin is the use of wet and moist food, while, Yang are the dry and crisp ones. In Chinese cooking it is essential for the chefs to incorporate the principles of yin (protein) and yang (carbs) into every dish they make. Usage of chopsticks
The use of chopsticks as an eating utensil further enhances the health benefits of Chinese food. Using chopsticks requires a person to portion their food and take small bites each time, so essentially can prevent people overeating and assist with their health.

The right carbs

We all need a right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in our daily diet to stay fit and healthy. Chinese food offers a healthy source of carbohydrates such as rice and noodles, that helps to give the body the right amount of fuel it needs to get through the day, while, still maintaining a reasonable calorie count.

These were five astounding health benefits associated with Chinese food. If you want to enjoy healthy Chinese cuisine on the Gold Coast, come and visit Exotic Wok and Grill restaurant.