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A brief history of chopsticks

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A brief history of chopsticks

Chopsticks have been around for nearly 2000 years. Chopsticks are generally two sticks, of equal length, invented by the Han people in ancient China, chopsticks were primarily used as eating utensils.

Chopsticks made their way through Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Burma each nation adding its unique style and variation to the little tool. Here is a brief write-up about the history of chopsticks.

A brief history of chopsticks | Gold Coast | Exotic Wok & Grill | Chinese Food

Humble Beginning

The story of chopsticks begins from the land of ancient China around 400 BC. It was during this time when resources where being depleted at a rapid pace. To conserve fuel, the Chinese chefs used to cut food into tiny pieces. People needed a utensil to eat those lighter cuts of food, as knives became obsolete, chopsticks were introduced to fill the void.

Same Chopsticks, Different Ideologies

Chopsticks eventually made their way out of ancient China. By 500 AD they had already reached places like Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. Each culture adding their own unique style and flair to the historic kitchen utensil. For instances, the early Japanese people used chopsticks made of bamboo strictly for religious purposes only.

Beliefs and Misconceptions

There have been many beliefs and misconceptions about chopsticks over the years, one of the misunderstandings believed to be true was that silver chopsticks would turn black if they made contact with the poison. Others believed that an uneven pair of chopsticks would result in a miss plane flight, or boat ride, funnily enough, this is still a well-known superstition.

Goes Best with Rice

Chopsticks share a unique bond with another one of Asia’s greatest gift to the world, rice. Rice plays a vital role in the Chinese cuisine, by being the base for so many delicious dishes. One might think rice and chopsticks are not of the best combination, however, in reality, the sticky, starchy rice goes perfectly with chopsticks.

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