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Fried rice, steamed rice, sticky rice: Which is better?

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Fried rice, steamed rice, sticky rice: Which is better?

So, you’re cooking a Chinese food dish at home, or maybe your dining out at a Chinese restaurant and you want to know which rice is the best one to choose? Fried rice, steamed rice and sticky rice, here is everything you need to know about all three.

Fried Rice

This dish is a bowl of white rice mixed with bits of cooked meat, egg and vegetables. It is a wonderfully flavourful dish, that is a great accompaniment to any Chinese food main meal. It is a great dish to make at home, as it can easily be adapted using whatever leftovers you have in your fridge. The key to a great fried rice is using previously cooked rice that has been allowed to sit and cool for a period of time, and then frying it in a wok with the vegetables and meat. It is best made using long-grain rice, preferably basmati or jasmine rice. Fried rice can be served as side dish as well as a main, with or without meat or even as a nice treat to end the meal and fill you up.

Steamed Rice

There is almost no end to the varieties of rice or the dishes it can be served with. Steamed rice is a fantastic side dish to serve with almost any type of Chinese cuisine. It is a light, healthy option that can fill you up and satisfy your tastebuds all at the same time. From long rice to short rice, basmati to jasmine, there are a number of options when selecting your rice. Simply apply some steam and enjoy! If you are wanting to keep the authentic taste of your main Chinese dish, steamed rice is the perfect pairing.

Sticky Rice

Sick of having your rice slide through your chopsticks? Then sticky rice is the solution for you! As one of the great joys of Asian cuisine, sticky rice is beloved across the globe, but what exactly makes it stick and how is it different from steamed rice? Formally called glutinous rice, sticky rice is a short-grain white rice that contains a component of starch called amylopectin. During cooking, this starch component molecules separate, which is what turns the rice soft and sticky. It requires less rice to cook than other rice types, and so is commonly steamed and not boiled. It has the added bonus of making you feel fuller, for longer.

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