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Get to know about Cantonese Style Food

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Get to know about Cantonese Style Food

Cantonese food originates from the province of Guangdong. The region shares its, border with Hong Kong, Macau and the South China Sea. The capital Guangzhou (Canton) withholds a major seaport and the province as a whole is blessed with plenty of rainfall and tropical weather through the year. All these factors, in turn, help shape the Cantonese style food we all know and love today.
Here are a few things you should know about Cantonese style food and its influence on the Chinese cuisine we know of today.

Get to know about Cantonese Style Food | Gold Coast | Exotic Wok & Grill | Chinese Food

Fundamental Condiments

Oyster sauce is an essential condiment that serves as a base for almost all of the most popular dishes of the Cantonese cuisine. Just like in other Chinese cuisines from different provinces, oyster sauce is predominantly used in Cantonese food to help bring out the staple savoury flavour of Cantonese style food.

Fresh and Enticing

The geographical location of the Guangdong province has meant that since the early days’ the freshness of the ingredients has been given the utmost priority in shaping Cantonese Cuisine. The natural flavours of the fresh ingredients were the main attraction of the food. This ideology has helped shape the modern-day Cantonese cuisine we all love to enjoy at home and in restaurants today.

Cooking Techniques

To highlight the freshness of the ingredients steaming has always been an effective way to cook Cantonese style food. Steaming not only removes the use of cooking oil but also help to preserve the flavours, colours and most importantly the nutrients of the food cooked.

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