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The History of Chow Mein

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The History of Chow Mein

The word ‘chow mein’ translates to ‘fried noodles’ and is a very popular dish among Asian cuisines including Chinese restaurants. This dish originated from the people of Taishan in a city located in the Pearl River Delta, southwest of Jaingmen (roughly 140km west of Hong Kong).

Traditional Chinese cuisines chow mein dish is made with egg noodles that are boiled until soft and strained, then stir fried to add their crispiness. The wonderfully delicious aroma of chow mein comes from the egg noodles hitting the hot oil, and then the mixing of sauces such as shrimp sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oils, ginger, butter and garlic.

Different regions cooked chow mien differently. In Hong Kong, it was predominantly fried to create a crispy texture and in opposite regions the opposite was true, it was predominantly steamed to create a soft texture. It became such a popular dish that many travellers began to introduce this type of noodle to the peoples of other countries.

Throughout the years, as the popularity of chow mein spread across countries and cultures, chow mien has adapted and modified. There are now many different ways that people go about cooking, flavouring and pairing chow mien. The only real ingredient that most adhere to are its well-known and beloved egg noodles. Most Chinese restaurants or Asian cuisine restaurants have their own version of chow mein that they offer to customers, using a unique blend of ingredients and flavours.

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