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How to properly eat seafood

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How to properly eat seafood

Eating seafood at fine dining restaurant can be a daunting experience. May it be a lobster, crab or mussels, the thought of messing everything up and embarrassing yourself in front of everybody can a frightening one. This crafty little sea creatures usually don’t have a backbone and have their flesh protected by a hard shell.
Here are a few tips regarding how to properly eat seafood while in a restaurant.

How to properly eat seafood | Gold Coast | Exotic Wok & Grill | Chinese Food


The flesh of the lobster can easily be separated and eaten with a fork or knife, as lobsters are usually presented to the customers in half or cut down from the middle. The claws of the lobsters, however, requires a special tool to be broken into, which will be presented with your meal if you are in a Chinese restaurant. Separate the claws from the body carefully and use the given lobster cracker to break down the claws gently. Once the claw is cracked open, you can scoop out the meat with a fork.


Mussels are usually served cooked in a Chinese restaurant. When the bowl of mussels is served, do not dive in instantaneously. Instead, approach in a precise and systematic manner to avoid the likelihood of a disaster. Hold the shell in one hand and use your given fork to extract the juicy meat with your other hand. Once meat is removed and the broth is sipped up, dispose of the shell in the empty bowl provided beforehand.


Oysters are one of the simpler shellfish to feast upon without worrying too much about embarrassing yourself. Depending on how they are served oysters can be eaten with a knife, fork or a spoon. Pick up the shell with one and hand and give it a bit of upwards shove, all the juices along with oyster will slip right into your mouth. After the shell is emptied out, lay it by the side.

Delicious seafood is offered in many Chinese restaurants as the main dish, and it is usually served with a variety of dipping sauces. Chinese food is loved by all types of people across the world. Here on the Gold Coast, Exotic Wok and Grill serve quality, traditionally inspired Chinese cuisine, including the option for a Chinese takeaway. Visit our website for more information