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Know more about Chinese Hakka

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Know more about Chinese Hakka

Hakka’s literal translation comes means “Guest Family.” The Hakka people were very nomadic as they did not tend to stay in a fixed place for a prolonged period, hence the name Hakka “Guest Family” was given to them. Wherever they went, the Hakka people took knowledge about the food and culture from the locals and incorporated it into their own food. This is how the Hakka cuisine we all know today started its journey.

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Here are a few things you need to know about Chinese Hakka.

Similarity with Cantonese Food

Hakka food shares a very similar taste to that of Cantonese cuisine primarily because they were neighbours. After being forced to move out of their homeland in Northern China, the Hakka Chinese people went through a series of migration before finally settling in the Guangdong province of ancient China. Both of these great Chinese cultures have since borrowed new ideas and knowledge about food and heritage from each other.

Expanding Menu

The Hakka cuisine kept on increasing and expanding its menu and food style as their people kept on migrating to newer lands, this is one of the reasons why Hakka cuisine is so rich in flavour. The dynamic nature of cuisine has been carried forward and it is what makes Hakka Chines cuisine such a sought after cuisine in today’s time.

Global Reach

A study done in 2010 has shown that currently, the estimated Hakka population stands at 40,745,200 people. Hakka people are diverged all over the world in over 200 countries. The firm will, passion and work ethic of the Hakka Chinese people along with the hard work of their ancestor is the reason for the success of Hakka Chinese and Hakka Chinese Food today.

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