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Know more about the most popular Asian sauces

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Know more about the most popular Asian sauces

The world of Asian cooking is associated with hundreds of different types of sauces. It can surely be a daunting experience for any first-timer or even experienced cooks to choose from all the variety of different sauces available. Here are a few things you need to know more about the most popular Asian sauces available for purchase.

Know more about the most popular Asian sauces | Gold Coast | Exotic Wok & Grill | Chinese Food

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is the most popular sauce of the bunch. Made from the paste of fermented soybeans, evidence of soy sauce can be found in almost all of the famous Asian foods of the world (especially Chinese cuisine). Soy sauce can be used for cooking dumplings, soups, chickens, stir-fries and everything in between.

Fish Sauce

The distinctive smell of fish sauce has made it into either love it or hate it flavouring. It is made through the fermentation of anchovies along with salt and water. Fish sauce is a staple ingredient for many Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Chinese dishes. It is important to not overuse the sauce as it can easily overwhelm other flavours.

Oyster Sauce

Used for seasoning beef, fish and vegetable recipes, the Oyster sauce is also one of the most popular Asian sauce that is available for purchase. The oyster sauce helps to bring out the sweet and smoky flavours in Chinese food.

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