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Peking Sauce Explained

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Peking Sauce Explained

If you’re like many who have asked the question ‘what exactly is peking sauce?’, then we’re here to help! Here is everything you need to know about this sauce found in Chinese restaurants.

Peking sauce is often used in Chinese cooking as well as a side sauce for Chinese cuisine. Its taste is of a sweet sauce with a little bit of spice, that is often compared to barbeque sauce since it is most commonly used with grilled or roasted foods. Its base ingredients are vinegar, soya sauce and a mix of spices.

Though many Chinese cuisine chefs and Chinese restaurants will have their own variation of Peking sauce that they serve to customers, similar to an Italian chef’s pasta sauce. In Chinese cuisine, peking sauce is commonly used as a marinade, as a cooking sauce and as a side dipping sauce. The spices and flavours of peking sauce can vary quite a bit depending upon what ingredients are used.

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