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What is fusion food?

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What is fusion food?

Despite the term “fusion cuisine’” being quite new, the concept of fusion food has been around for many centuries. It is defined as “the blending of culinary worlds to create new, hybrid dishes”. As cultures have overlapped, naturally new dishes are created. In essence, it is the marriage or two or more cooking traditions, techniques or disciplines in order to form a completely new dish or food style.

Fusion today is a popular trend among foodies of all types. Its creative flare for mixing flavours creates new and exciting dishes and brings food to life. A large part of its excitement is due the fact that it allows chefs to create unique dishes and inject an identity into their restaurants cuisine.

The stir frying process of most Chinese cuisine dishes is an extremely popular cooking technique for fusion food. Mixing Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine and most other Asian cuisine flavours, styles, traditional ingredients and cooking techniques has become extremely popular. It has also produced some incredibly delicious and unique dishes, and has inspired many restaurants to take up the trend and produce ‘chef creations’ unique to their Chinese restaurant.

Exotic Wok and Grill’s Gold Coast Chinese Restaurant is one of the many who have taken hold of this trend and adapted their dishes to create unique and mouth-watering creations all their own. Our Asian dining experience offers a creative menu that spans from Hakka Chinese to Cantonese style Chinese food. The result is a sophisticated dining experience featuring fresh, gourmet food.