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What is Hakka Cuisine?

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What is Hakka Cuisine?

Hakka cuisine is a style of cooking found in parts of Taiwan among other oversees Hakka communities, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and more. The Hakka cooking style is a form of Chinese cuisine, one that places a big focus on the texture of food. Similar to other regional types of Chinese cuisine, Hakka food is cooked depending on what is available in the market.

Described as ‘outwardly simple, but tasty’, the skill of this style of cuisine lies in its ability to thoroughly cook meat while not hardening it in order to bring out the full flavour of the meat. Pragmatic and simple, the Hakka cuisine traditionally garnished with very little flavouring and instead relying on the full flavour of the meat, seafood or vegetables to bring the dish to life.

10 Well-Known Traditional Hakka Dishes

  1. Hakka Yong Tau Foo
  2. Hakka Yam Abacus
  3. Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables
  4. Ground Tea (Lei Cha)
  5. Hakka Braised Pork Belly with Black Fungus
  6. Hakka Noodles
  7. Hakka Salted Chicken
  8. Drunken Chicken in Glutinous Rice Wine
  9. Braised Pig Trotter with Vinegar
  10. Hakka Hot Soup

Many of today’s modern Asian cuisine restaurants add fusion to their dishes, combining cross-culture food inspirations in order to create unique flavours all their own. Exotic Wok and Grill have combined their years of overseas living and experience in Hakka cuisine, Swedish cuisine and Cantonese cuisine cooking styles and flavours to create a Gold Coast Chinese restaurant unlike any other. Book in to enjoy some delicious fusion cuisine from our menu at our local Chinese restaurant, or try our Chinese takeaway menu to enjoy our Chinese cuisine from the comfort of your own home.