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What is a Wok, and why does your kitchen need one?

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What is a Wok, and why does your kitchen need one?

The big question, do you really need a wok to cook Chinese food? The answer, ‘no’ you don’t need one, but ‘yes’ you should have one. Here’s why…

If you’re at all serious about Chinese cooking a wok has some serious advantages over normal frying pans. The biggest ones: a wok distributes heat evenly, requires less oil and makes tossing food to stir a piece of cake. A cleaver can be replaced with a good kitchen knife, rice can be boiled or microwaved instead of steamed, but there really is no good substitute to a great wok.

Traditional wok’s have two side handles, but you can find some today that have one long wooden handle. They also originally had a round bottom made of iron, designed so as to work with the traditional Chinese wood stove. Modern woks can be found with all types of materials on their base, though most recommend getting on with carbon steel.

Chow main is the most common Chinese food dish prepared on the wok, though there are many different dishes that can benefit from its use. Most every great Chinese restaurant today prepares their food using a wok. It’s what brings that great, traditional taste to all of the dishes on their Chinese menu.

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